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Beginners Guide to Content Sprouting from Video Podcasts

🤔 Do you ever wonder what makes people watch some videos and scroll past others? Or what makes people click on paid ads?

Today is your lucky day because you're going to learn why!

At Mammoth! we are convinced that human behavior is influenced based on a persons perception of trust with the brand that is attempting to influence them.

On average it takes seven impressions with a brand before they decide they want to take action and pursue the brands website/page for further discovery. The theory behind this is that people better trust a brand after seeing them many times—each time they learn a little bit more.

One way to simplify the process of brand discovery and trust development is to "sprout" its content out in many different forms across your social media channels—this is known as Content Sprouting.

Content Sprouting is a method of omni-channel marketing created by Eric Siu from SingleGrain. This is the most efficient way for a brand to grow and that it gives brands a wonderful opportunity for their target audience to get to know them better!

Bonus Tip: Consumers are more likely to stop scrolling, watch the product, remember and trust a brand, as well as find it more credible if they use a video where someone is engaging with eye contact.

So what does it look like for a brand to begin Content Sprouting?

Similar to a regular plant—it begins with soil!

Soil: Purpose of Content Creation

An important thing to consider when you are creating any form of content is the reason behind why its created. Having a clear vision behind the importance of getting the content out there is essential for overcoming the mental roadblocks that come with content creation.

Is your brand trying to spread awareness about a certain topic? Do you want people to know about recent events happening in a specific career field? Or maybe the goal is to help people better get to know your companies mission, values, and purpose.

Once you have a general understanding of why it's essential for the content to be created it will be much more simple to create key points to address in the video and then execute the creation process!

The Seed: A Long (20-60 Minute) Video

This is your original piece of content—it sparks the creative connection into spouting to other forms of media. Your seed does not have to be a video—it could be a blog post, photo, or audio clip!

At Mammoth! we like our seeds to be long videos! We don't just recommend video because that is where we excel—video simplifies your entire process of content creation, helps share information quickly, and has the ability to attract the most attention to your brand.

Check out the graphic below to see how!

One long video can create:

Multiple YouTube Videos
  • Entire video on YouTube or your website
  • Short clips of the video on YouTube to draw people to website for full video
Multiple Podcast Clips
  • Short clips on podcast to draw people to website to listen to entire clip
  • Entire clip on podcast to gain trust with users
Tweet Inspiration
  • Use some of the transcribed video content as interesting quotes for your brands twitter page
Facebook & Instagram Captions, Photos, and Videos
  • Use some of the transcribed words as a blurb of advice to post on your feed
  • Instagram story- 30 second teaser of the video or a quote from the transcribed clip
  • Instagram photo of the video recording with a caption inspired by the transcript
  • IGTV- Post a clip from the video on to your IGTV, full video on website
Email Subscribers
  • Short teaser video of the clip- brings people to website or YouTube
  • Write in your email some of the advice people could learn form the clip
  • Bring them to the blog post on your website with video!
Blog Post Framework
  • From the transcribed video you will already have a great template of information
  • Switch some things up and you'll have yourself a great post with video

Consideration: Environment

Each social media platform rewards its users for uploading individual content to their platform. Social media platforms want people staying on their platform as long as possible. Instead of sharing a link to your website on Facebook—post a short version of your video and tell users to watch the entire video on your site!

This will encourage the social media algorithms to make your posts will show up first on peoples timelines and discovery feeds.

Another consideration for social media platform uploading is how each social media upload could require a different frame size depending on the software it is being uploaded to. For example: Instagram Stories need different dimensions than Instagram Posts.

Fertilizing: Make What's Already Been Shared Flourish

In the day of pay to play media there are many benefits and setbacks when it comes to using social media as a means for growing an attraction to your brand and/or website. One of the great things is that if you repost what has already been shared or pay to advertise it towards specific targeted audiences, that content can be used to impact others for the entire length of its existence. Especially after people start frequenting your brand, they will want to look more into things that have previously been published- making that piece of content a useful tool forever. We encourage our clients to push both new and old content at least one day each week. This encourages momentum towards creating more content and helps keep the older content living on.

Cross Pollinating: Your Brand Supports other Brands!

Can you think of someone or something that would benefit from your content?! Reach out to them! Share your video or blog and tell them that if they promote your content you will promote theirs. This can be a great way to develop relationships with similar organizations and create an agriculture of support among your brands community.


No matter where your brand is on its content marketing journey- it is never too late to begin content sprouting. Challenge yourself (and your team) to test this marketing method and see how/if it has an impact on your brands following.

Things to remember:

  • The goal is to get people to trust your brand enough to go to your website and purchase your products
  • Video can be a tool to help people develop a sense of credibility and trust with your brand because it gives them an opportunity to make eye contact with the people behind the message/product/services!
  • On average it takes seven engagements with a brand before people begin to pursue investigating the brand
  • Video can dramatically shorten the length of time necessary for creating quality content- which simplifies your life by reducing the length of time necessary for sharing and increases the opportunity to produce even more content to share later!


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